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Mathieu Richard joins the France team for the SSL Gold Cup!

Team France has been enriched since the end of December with an 10th person to strengthen the team!
Mathieu has already trained on the SSL 47 during the first training sessions of the France team on Grandson, he already knows how the support works.
He will make his comeback on the gold cup competition in 2022. In the meantime he has just won the title of senior French champion the week behind with Aloïse who is also part of the team.
A word from Xavier Rohart:
“Mathieu’s arrival in the group will guarantee expertise, solidity and humanity given his past as a match racer, fleet racer and trainer now! He will be keen to cross our SSL 47 or place it in the right place as a tactician with his number 8 in the back.”
A note from Mathieu :
“Very happy to officially join the SSL Team France, with whom I had the opportunity to do a training session on the SSL47s in Neuchatel last October. The team has great potential, with a mix of Olympism riders and others who come from various backgrounds. The “World Cup” format is particularly exciting! There will be a truly incredible number of nations entered for the 2022 Gold Cup.”